1. Click on "2D Masking" icon. This will enable "Lock" icon given on bottom toolbar.

2. Select an image and take a lock on it. Select "Box Select" icon on top toolbar and make a frame around object such that object just fits inside it.

3. Select Foreground marker and mark some portion inside your object.

4. Click on Background Marker icon and mark portions (shown in grey below) outside the object boundary. You can change the width of the marker pencil using the Pen Width icon given below 2D Workspace.        

5. Click on Execute icon given below 2D window. This will show you masked image which should include object covered in orange and background in grey. Repeat steps 3 to 5 above so that the entire object is masked in Foreground properly. You can view images and the masked layer separately using Image Layer and Marker Layer  icons given below the 2D Workspace or you can view the original images without the masks using the Mask Layer icon

6. Once you are satisfied that mask fully covers the object in the image and image is not cut or greyed, click on thumbs up icon given below 2D workspace.

7. Click on "2D Masking" icon again. Once 100% segmentation is done, system will display object hull in 3D workspace. If no major portion of object is cut or some extra unwanted area is not present, proceed to next section. Otherwise, check the images for masking and repeat steps 2 to 7.

8. Once the coarse model is generated as shown, you can view the polygon mesh using the Wireframe icon in the 3D Work toolbar. Any part of the hull which is extra or where the surface is not appropriately following the actual object silhouette, that part can be cut, changed or removed using the Rubber Band Select, Box Select and Execute Filter icons.

9. For removing or changing minor surface bulge or cavity in order to smoothen or shape the surface as per the actual object silhouette, click on the Rubber Band Select icon. Then drag the box over that part of surface which you need to change and it will be selected red (as shown below). Then, click on the Execute Filter icon and the selected part will be removed (as shown below)

10. For removing any branch or extraordinarily protruding part of the hull which is not part of the actual object silhouette, click on the Box Select   icon and box appears which can then be rolled over(for translation > press scroll of mouse) and placed over any part of the hull. The selected part of the object hull appears in red (as shown below). Then click on the Execute Filter icon and the hull with the removed part appears.

Note: The 3D edit tools perform operations only on low resolution meshes, once the resolution grows too high the edit tools wont perform any operation. Watch complete process video for more details.