About Us

triAyaam Vision Labs Pvt. Ltd is a product development company working in the imaging industry since 2012. At triAyaam we are committed to do quality research in the field of computer vision , machine learning, photogrammetry, embedded electronics and GUI’s for our product development. We ensure to provide best experience to our customers through our products and customer service.

Our Technological Capabilities

  • Ability to develop software systems like rupitrN and Neitra 3D Pro.
  • A constantly maturing echo-system to handle such quality softwares.
  • High speed live video streaming over wifi, changes your shooting experiences. Now in seconds users can Compose, Capture and preview.
  • Background Removal technology – Developed our own computer vision library (fast and more efficient then opencv) featuring fast background removal with high quality in the least time and efforts, works even in unfocused regions of an image. Only with two markings – one on the product and another on the background, remarkable results are achievable on most of the images.

  • Ability to develop and implement accurate BMS for the high power system such as light electric vehicle and powerwall for energy storage.
  • We have developed and implemented modified kalman algorithm for precise measuring of state of charge. It ensures 100% accurate fuel gauging or SOC management system.
  • A highly reliable, compact in size, lightweight and safe design of SMPS.
  • A highly reliable and scalable SMPS design that can be used to charge batteries of high power systems.