Neitra Quality

Mesh Structure Quality

Neitra 3D Pro generates “Watertight” (complete), “Smooth” (no spikes), “Optimized” (regular) and “Manifold” (no overlap) meshes. The size of facets (mesh and triangle) depends on quality of images as well resolution of images. High resolution & good quality of image is equivalent to high & useful information content respectively.

budhha_mesh quality copy

Achieving Quality and Accuracy

The quality of image captured is very important in deciding the quality and accuracy of mesh. Thus, we have a full section on art of 3D image capturing. The more you understand, experience and excel, the better quality you add to your models.

Good Lighting

A well lit scene or model can be focused better by your camera and gives better colors to your image.

Good Camera

Bigger and quality lenses produce better results.

good camera copy

Quality Images

Still and well focussed images are best for reconstruction.

quality images

Challenges faced by Neitra 3D Pro Technology

Mono-colored texture-less surfaces are difficult to be matched. In other words, it is difficult to extract consistent information from such surfaces.
The below experiment demonstrates the distortion on surface of 3D reconstruction of a textured cup. We came up with an idea to mark the surface of cup with white board marker (can be easily clean from surface later on ). This creates a lot of texture on the object which is consistent enough to generate an accurate surface.