rupitrN Assist

rupitrN Assist Stand is an addon feature to rupitrN Assist which helps you to work comfortably and efficiently. It is casted out from a single piece of high grade aluminium sheet using CNC machine and then bent and anodized to provide solid stability and engineered for maximum strength and cooling capability. It is loaded with multi angle photography feature on flat bases like table top.

Our main aim was to design a peculiar stand with some design constraints such as Simple & Sleeker Design, Robust, Easy Fabrication, Multipurpose, Easy to use etc.

This is a professional grade tool designed for rugged, day in and day out use that will last for a lifetime.

Single piece Aluminium Design

Allows rupitrN Assist to be used as an ergonomic product.
Maintains centre of gravity of rupitrN Assist.
Removed the requirement of third hand during image composition.

Provides more strength to the rupitrN Assist.

In order to test the strength of stand, we applied a force of magnitude 10 kgf on the stand to show its tolerance in different regions.

The above image is showcasing the strength of the stand. As you can see, different regions of stand remains in blue and green region which signifies it is safe. When any region will move towards yellow-orange, that means it is moving towards its breaking point and at red it will break down.

If it is safe at an unrealistic value of 10 Kgf that means it can take all kind of weights without deforming or breaking.

Drop impact absorption capacity of the stand.

Able to capture at various shooting angles

In product photography you need to showcase a product from different angles to display its full information to the buyer. rupitrN Assist stand is designed in such a way that it is able to capture the images from different angles like 30’ and 90’.

  • 30’ angle is the most used angle in product photography as it showcases multiple sides of the product and makes it look interesting and appealing.
  • 90’ angle enables you to capture the images from top.
  • It can cover maximum range of small to medium sized objects without using tripod.
  • Very good stability of the device in each position of photography.

Sleek and lightweight

Weigh only around 160 grams.
Carry the device like a briefcase.

Act as a heat sink

This video is showing thermal analysis of rupitrN Assist’s stand, in which heat transfer for 30 minutes is calculated. Heat transfer is getting calculated in every 2 seconds. Stand is made up of a solid mesh which is divided into 9755 elements by joining 21184 nodes and the calculation for heat transfer is done on these 9755 elements. As heat is getting transferred to heatsink the color of heatsink is getting changed.

The voltage regulator for camera , voltage regulator for compute unit and the processor of the compute unit are main source of heat dissipation.

These constant source of radiated energy in a closed space were a design challenge as we didn’t want to use fan for cooling.

We decided to use aluminium stand as a large heatsink.

Heat is getting transferred to this aluminium stand through heat sink present inside rupitrN Assist.