Assist Electronics

We believe that in order to create a durable product, quality standards should be strictly maintained at all levels. Thus we chose quality components and protection diodes to make this board perfect for long hours of photography with continuous live streaming. The rupitrN MPCB V.0.7 has simplified design and researched premium quality components for long years of durable use.

  • For very safe operation of camera, a precise voltage control is achieved using Texas Instruments LM series voltage regulator.
  • And Bourns MF-MSMF Series – PTC Resettable Fuse is used to keep the current in safe limits.
  • Next generation Texas Instruments BMS chip capable of very accurate digital monitoring and protection of battery pack is used.
  • A Low power Atmel series Microcontroller is used for controlling BMS chip.
  • Low internal resistance MOSFETs from Texas Instruments are used for controlling battery Charging and Discharging current without dissipating heat.
  • We chose a solid Wurth shielded WE-LQS SMT Power Inductor for low RF noise.
  • Murata SMD capacitor are used for longer life.
  • 40 pin port Wurth connector(male box header) for compute unit.
  • Wurth 5 pin connector for battery is used.
  • Dual layer PCB board

What makes it special?

Your DSLR is safe with rupitrN

We know your camera is dear to you and thus we made sure it’s very safe with rupitN.

Bourns MSMF-PTC series resettable fuse with tripping current of 4A is protecting your circuit. Your expensive device is fully safe. Even if any exceptional high current is pushed, circuit will break itself and restrict the current flow to camera.

Your camera will never break down due to voltage fluctuations. We use Texas Instruments voltage regulator IC”, featuring constant stable voltage of 7.4 V output for camera power supply.

Whole day battery backup

rupitrN assist is designed to work in live streaming mode for more than 8 hours on battery power. Without live streaming , it can go on and on for days. As per Canon(with a fully-charged Battery Pack LP- E8) Continuous Live View shooting is possible for approximately 1 hr 30 minutes at 23/73’ C. You are done with carrying 5-6 charged camera batteries along. Assist’s battery pack has 12 lithium ion cells (18650).

No more hassle with batteries
Charge your assist overnight and do product shoot whole day

Battery Management System

  • This next generation BMS chip is capable of very accurate monitoring and protection of battery pack. Thus it features quality BMS for mapping complex 3s 4p battery packs.
  • The BMS chip runs at very low power consumption & can go in ULTRA LOW POWER mode by switching off its modules when needed.
  • BMS chip features complete packmonotering and protection solution from under voltage, over voltage, over current in discharge and short circuit in discharge.
  • A very low power Atmel series microcontroller for controlling BMS chip.
  • Microcontroller with 512 bytes of SRAM provides enough for loading large complex BMS algorithms.
  • Microcontroller comes with a 16 bit processor fast enough to handle complex mathematical calculation of methods like extended Kalman filters.
  • Monitoring balancing of cells become accurate, hence it improves cell health and avoid cells getting damaged from overcharging and completely draining, which improves battery life.

With extended KALMAN, State of Charging measuring
is more precise

We have introduced state of the art modified KALMAN algorithm
to ensure very accurate SOC measurement system.

Why using Kalman?

The Kalman Filter is over 50 years old but is still one of the most important and common data fusion algorithms in use today. The effectiveness of its simple design can be read from is ubiquitous use varying from global positioning system receiver to smoothing the output from laptop trackpad.

Accurate SOC helps in following ways:-

  • Photographers are busy people. Every minute of their time counts. It’s important for them to know precisely how much battery is present before it needs a charge.
  • Improve the system performance and reliability, and also lengthens the lifetime of battery.
  • Reduce the chances of overcharging batteries.
  • With accurate SOC, chances of battery getting drained below a certain threshold value are avoided. kalman algorithm programmatically stops the draining of battery automatically if battery gets exhausted and rupitrN gets switched off.

Switched mode power supply

  • Compact Design
  • 63 watt SMPS is designed and used for connecting external power supply with rupitrN. A switching regulator is used to convert electrical power efficiently.
  • It’s dynamic load response time is very short.
  • Short Circuit and Over voltage protection.


To ensure premium standard is maintained, all globally accepted components are produced, designed, fabricated, assembled and quality checked at triAyaam Vision Lab facility, India.