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Can I try Triayaam’s Neitra 3D Pro before buying?

Yes. You can try “Neitra 3D Demo” without Import/Export facility for unlimited time.

How can I buy Neitra 3D Pro software?

International customers can purchase Neitra 3D Pro online by payment through Paypal secure gateway. Indian customers can buy Neitra using Debit/Credit card or Net-banking via PayU secure gateway.

Do I need special camera to take pictures for Neitra 3D Pro?

No. It can be any decent digital camera. Motive is to get clear(not blurred) overlapping photos covering whole object. The more clearer the pictures are, the better is your 3d model.

How can I show results of my work to friends or clients?

Your final 3D model can be exported(with or without texture) in .obj format. User has the ability to decimate models and create normal maps. Your models can be imported to different modeling softwares like Meshlab, Sculptris, Zbrush etc.

What is the recommended hardware configuration for Neitra 3D Pro users?

Make sure your system meets the following minimum requirements before installation:

Minimum System Requirement
1. RAM : 4 GB
2. OS : Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
3. Installation Space : 500 MB
4. CPU : x86 Compliant
5. Mouse

For better user experience (the multi-threaded architecture can utilize the higher system configuration and speed up the computationally intensive processes)
1. Decent Graphic Card
2. CPU : Intel core i5 or Intel core i7

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