Composition, Exposure Settings,
Capturing & Reviewing, Post Processing,
Exporting in required formats..
All from a single application

Features of rupitrN

Master compositions with rupitrN composition tools

The composition is the most CREATIVE part of photography. Though it’s next to impossible to fully automate an artist’s mind, nonetheless we have made an attempt to computerize certain aspects which can increase creative productivity during composition.
We know that web product images need to be small in size for faster loading. rupitrN enables you to define and crop the product and margin area in live view only i.e before capturing the images. Once crop area is defined, many times the product may not be incorrect orientation. No need to rotate the object. With Straighten tool you can set the orientation of your product as per your wish from your computer. With the help of the grid, you can correctly place the product in an image and maintain consistency between different images.

“Crop & Straighten before capturing pictures”
Manual mode for amateurs
Composition in one go…
Make photos smaller while enhancing the products.