Introducing Neitra 3D Pro: Marriage of 3D Scanning with 3D Modeling

Guys here is an introductory video of Neitra 3D Pro, demonstrating a routine flow of creating a 3D model.

Let me brief the features we always wanted this software to have.

  1. Automated Image Alignment: It’s completely automated, you just need to input the images and they get aligned in 3D space. We worked hard on it and it was one of the resource hungry development module. But at-last it has come out robust and accurate. Performs better as core of the processor increases, thus intel core i5 is better than i3 and i7 is better than i5. In future our main focus will be to make this process even faster.
  2. Automatic Propagation of 2D Segmentation in set of images: This is the feature I liked most when the software was getting completed. With one click of icon, user gets the masking propagated on all images thereby creating a coarse model. If you don’t like the segmentation in some images you can de-select/edit them to get a complete coarse model. You can even select few images, do a controlled segmentation using foreground/background markers and get the coarse model.
  3. Robustness of Refine Process: Whole process is automated, but user can stop and edit in between. The edits by user will be taken into account by convergence process. The transformation when a coarse model start converging and features start becoming visible is a good visual experience in itself.

Feature wise there’s more to talk about (GUI, Edit tools, decimation, export formats …) but its best you see it yourself.

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