Download rupitrN

To get started with rupitrN, Download, install the software and register to create an account. Login with your registered email id and start using rupitrN. Activate the free subscription plan of 3 months provided in profile page to license the software. After the trial ends, rupitrN is $1 per month. For more information on how to use the software, see the questions and answers below.


System Requirements

Operating System -Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Processor -i3 and above
RAM -4 GB and above
Q & A
  • As soon as you download “rupitrN installer” double click on the desktop icon to open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Create your user account by entering user name and your mail id, and login by using your credentials.
  • Activate a new plan from user profile. In case you don’t have any plan, go to marketplace to buy a subscription plan of your choice.
  • There are two ways to use live view.
    Wirelessly using rupitrN Assist Camera USB Cable
    Insert wifi dongle in your system and launch rupitrN. You can directly connect your camera to your system via USB cable.
    Insert dummy battery in your camera, and mount it over rupitrN Assist.
    Connect rupitrN Assist and the mounted camera using USB cable.
    Power ON rupitrN Assist and camera.
    Power ON rupitrN Assist and camera. You’ll see live streaming on your laptop/pc. Enjoy capturing.
Yes, You can use rupitrN in maximum 3 systems at a time.
Images will be imported in Collection under the month in which they were captured or saved.
Your subscription will begin as soon as you will activate your subscription plan.
Download rupitrN software and use Marketplace to buy rupitrN Assist.
You can still use all the features of rupitrN but there will be a watermark on images. However, you can remove the watermark anytime whenever you have an active plan.