Modelling shiny surfaces in Neitra 3D Pro

With the launch of beta version(v0.00 x64), there were lot of challenges in front of us. One major challenge was how to deal with texture-less/plain surfaces.

Photogrammetry generally finds it difficult to match mono-colored surfaces. In other words, it is difficult to extract consistent information from such surfaces.

In the below video we experimented with a shiny, texture-less cup. The first half of the video demonstrates distortion on the surface of 3D reconstruction of the original cup. To get a better reconstruction of the cup, texture was required which can make calibration easier for the software. In order to generate more details, we came up with an idea to mark the surface of cup with a white board marker (which can be easily cleaned from surface later on ). This created sufficient texture on the object which was consistent enough to generate an accurate surface. You can see the difference in below video.

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