Organic Modeling

Reconstruction of face & body parts is possible with Neitra 3D Pro. A high quality 3D reconstruction can be achieved by using well lit target and good quality (focused) images.


Hand Object Interaction

The hand object interaction can be captured in very realistic way. The model looks surreal.


Reconstruction Faces

Faces can be reconstructed easily with Neitra 3D Pro. For a good quality reconstruction, the face should be in a well-lit environment.


Weathered & Old

The reconstruction displays a best-preserved Harappan burial of a middle-aged female. Her head tilted towards west showing an estimated height of 165 cm. She is wearing a couple of shell bangles in her left hand, which is a sign of a married woman. The reconstruction is done using only nine images. Reconstruction quality is affected a little by the reflection of light from glass casing.