Neitra 3D Pro generate valuable & beautiful 3D Models from daily household objects.
This is a model of rubber band ball from staples rendered applying different shaders. The complexity of arrangement of rubber bands lying over each other is fully reconstructed in model. Applying shaders make the reconstruction object of curiosity.

The textured model looks so real that you feel like eating it.
Reconstruction Details
No. of images 12
Camera Used Nikon D60
Poly count 340624
Reconstruction Details
No. of images 19
Camera Used Canon IXUS 220 HS
Poly count 808566
Reconstruction Details
No. of image 92
Camera Used Canon 1XUS 220 HS
Poly count 166458
The fur texture generated by Neitra 3D Pro over is worth looking. It’s so real that you can feel fur by just looking at it.
A very realistic reconstruction of brick texture makes it look real.
Reconstruction details
No. of images 54
Camera used Nikon SLR D60
Poly count 29,708

The size of ship is about 16 to 17 cm.
Reconstruction Details
No. of Images 51
Camera Used Nikon D60 (SLR)
Poly count 307094